Management Services

Raven Rock Management Services

Raven Rock Promotions is more than just a company that puts on gigs.... we are going into the world of artist management!

We are now taking on bands to represent, so if you need guidance moving forward and feel management is the way to go then send your enquiry to us (in the contact section you will find our details). As a band managed by Raven Rock Promotions you shall have exclusive access to our artist, our gigs/shows as well as being involved with a vast network of the UK's top promoters. If you want to record your first album, we also have contacts with various studios to help you and advise you moving forward.

Nebula State

A unique sounding rock band from the midlands. Their sound is somewhat heavy with a mix of 80s electronic pop. These boys work extremely hard at what they do and we feel honoured to have them as the first band under our management services. They are now taking bookings! To book this awesome band, you can use the form or email link on the "Contact Us" Page.

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